아티스토리는 감성과 디자인이 돋보이는 아트웍을 기반으로 광고, 방송디자인, 모션디자인 등
다양한 매체에 창의적디자인 솔루션을 제공하여 차별화된 영상 콘텐츠를 개발하고 있습니다.

Artistory is a video production based in KOREA.
We conceive, direct and produce work for broadcasters, commercial and corporate clients and always aim to push the creative and technical possibilities of every project we do. We are very passionate about our work and professional and meticulous in our approach but you’ll also find that we are friendly, approachable and collaborative at the same time. We’re not just about delivering eye candy; we approach briefs with intelligence and insight to help solve your creative problems.
기획/연출, 스토리보드, 항공촬영, 짐벌촬영, 사진촬영, 시네마카메라 촬영, 타임랩스, 애니메이션, 2D 모션그래픽, 3D/CG, 색보정, 편집, 효과음제작, 배경음악제작, 해외출장